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You shouldnt have to assign anything nowhere. I'll tell you what.. I'll post my A600 WB2 dir structure later, so you know what you need to have and where, and I'll post its startup sequence too.

You have more space than needed. My 2.0 System partition is 6 megs and I have lots of space left. The other 24 MB are destined to the Work: partition.

2.05 will work with your A500+, I dunno what the difefrence is with 2.04, perhaps special handlers for the A600's scsi.device (the internal IDE port). but if you have an installer disk for one of them, I sugegst you to install it that way instead of doing it manually. I remember mySystem partition was installed with my Install disk, but my Work partition later had a system taht I installed by hand from scratch, so it's not that hard.

I'll post you more info later.
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