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Hittin' the hardware...

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Yeah, thinking back my friend's dad had an A590 and coped pretty well with just 20 MB. I haven't even tested my A590 yet because the GVP works so well - it's very fast to spin up and you don't even have to "park" it!

I put Workbench 2.0.5 on in the end and added 3 assigns for the floppy disk names in startup-sequence. No doubt if that's wrong or if there's a better way somebody will say something! - I couldn't wait to get "Dice C" installed and working.

I think I've used about 10 MB total so far for Workbench and Dice C and considering that's about 1/3 of the disks I own I think I'll be fine!

Other than that, my room is totally disorded at the moment as I'm moving back in from Uni to find 3 Amigas and loaaaads of "new" hardware / CD32 games etc. to play with.
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