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AmigaSYS4AGA: i only have problem (at least for now) with upgrading to wb 3.9 from h&p 3.9 cd

Rest of issues are related to AmigaSYS3PlusAGA

Both versions were installed on winUAE, but for use on my real amiga1200

I will try this solution asap, thx for help.
But what about these questions:

I'd like to have in amigasys an old-style, red arrow as my mouse cursor, is it somewhere in filesystem, or i need to draw one?

I'd like to do some changes in bottom menu, like replace "hippoPlayer" with a launcher for any other program, how can i do that?

And one more thing:
What about changing the default name of "System" volume? I'd like to use both amigasys3 and amigasys4 systems, but i need to change volume names first in order to not to get a mixed-messed system after restart.
It's propably not a very common problem, but i have a lot of free space on my cf drive, and i like having few systems ^^, i'm even going to install debian potato ;d

I do no how to use these UAEscsiCDMount, so i did a little trick, i made a CD0 folder, i copied all files from 3.9 cd clearing their read-only attributes, and added in winUAE this folder as CD0 device with "AmigaOS3.9" volume name
3.9 upgrade, BB1 and BB2 instalation was successfull

The solution with birdie.prefs works fine. Thanks!

I now know how to deal with "Tools Manager" and mouse pointers.

Rest cases are open

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