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Like yourself, I have an A500+; the exception being that I run an A590 HD (still with the original 20MB). Though I always wanted the GVP

It's several years since partitioning that drive, but I seem to remember setting each part. to something like 6 and 14meg. The 'work' partition contained Workbench (!) and most of my apps and workbench utilities (Image FX, Art Department, Wordworth, snoopDOS... D. Opus 4), with several multi-disk games and temporary space on the 'games' part. If you need more info, I'll try to look at the A590 backups on my PC; but, in any case, I think you can see that with an A500/+, you should have no problems with your chosen setup.

I can't give much of an opinion regarding it's workings (I can't remember!); but despite having access to 2.05 from a friend's A600, I stayed with the installed 2.04.

I'll re-read your message and get back, if I can be more constructive and helpful - though I am sure that there'll be plenty of others with good advice and recommendations in the meantime.

Still dreaming of that GVP...
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