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@Exl: too bad for the node stuff. But it's already a big help. If the node coords are not tile aligned, it means that they are either in full coordinates or in half/quad tiles coordinates. But where ?
I'm willing to code the remake fully in C++, but the decision is yours. And it's a bit early anyway. We still have some stuff to code first / figure out.
About the various flavours of items depending on the context (dust/clean) I decided to ignore the differences. There are 2 different codes, and I display the same icon, except that I mask using transparent color. I hardly see the difference and it's easier to manage.
Careful: most item codes vary from one level to another (except for basic ones such as money, food...)

If you do CE, I'll do Cadaver and if I can find the item pos in Magic Pockets, I'll finish the remake.

BTW I extracted pixel-perfect positions from Gods demo tilemap and converted them back in my remake. It's cool to use the exact coords (only for visible items, though).

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