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Exl - I concur with Jotd that your ChaosSpy viewer is great. You've found so much detail already, continue developing it and with Jotd and others I can see this being the foundation for a remake using the original data files and AGA gfx, perhaps even the CD32 CDDA tracks too, as OGG for example. The nodes are likely inside the infamous levsdat.bin and cross-referenced perhaps, hopefully they are not code-driven as that would be annoying but would just mean doing similar in a remake or creating one's own levsdat.bin type file for use for that task.

Jotd - cool that you are making a RJP re-player. I remember years ago emailing RJ, he was back at his sound company, he exclaimed that it was fun to create the modules and that there was no x86 replayer for that code, at that time. Now I may be wrong, but I think he said he created them as standard tracker MODs and then they would be converted over into RJP format so that his replayer would play the right patterns as and when required using the trigger zones within the game, which makes sense.

Good stuff all round!
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