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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I think you could use my item codes to display items like in my viewer. I made the correspondence for all items.
Do you mean pickups by items? They're referenced as tiles in the pickups table, so I kept them there. There's also two variants of a pickup usually, one for "dirt" backgrounds and one for "rock" for world 1 for example. They probably did this to be able to do better anti-aliasing on the pickup graphics.

I also checked your engine. It looks great too. Scrolling is a bit strange sometimes, but it's great stuff!
No VSync, so those "lines" appear across the image sometimes

- I can help in C/C++ and VB if required too, though I wished you'd use pure C++ for the game itself (for the editor VB is ideal). Maybe I can port your code in C++.
I'm not happy with VB either, but programming is a hobby for me. My experience in C\C++ is limited, the little render DLL is the best I can do right now. If I had written the viewer and engine in C\C++, I would never have gotten as far as I have now.

- all samples can be clearly extracted from in-game songs (extra life, ...) with correct offsets, so no need to rip them from WinUAE (some of them are missing from your archive). I'll extract them as WAV when needed.
Great! I couldn't rip all samples at the right frequency either anyway.

- you can guess where the nodes are by locating the node shadow tiles in the map. Works at all levels. Not sure they did like this, but this can be deduced automatically, which is already cool
Not in all cases unfortunately:

In-game there's a node on the platform in the middle. It's also not at a tile offset There's also cases where sprites are spawned like this, like some of the projectile popping things in W1L2. Most nodes also seem to have some relation to links which are harder to guess. The missing sprites are still the biggest problem, so any help in figuring them out would be awesome!

At this point my aim is to document the level format. Doing a remake is still a big project, so even if I can't find the motivation to finish that, at least someone else will be able to.
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