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Installing WB 2 on Hard Disk (and a few other Qs)

I've pieced together an A500+ with GVP HD8+ and prepped the hard disk (but not after a worrying time until I set the stack size!). Anyway, these Qs are quite general:

- I've set a Workbench drive at 21MB and an Apps drive at 80MB. Is there enough space on the Workbench partition for "normal" use, i.e. basic Workbench and TCP/IP stack (and whatever else needs to go in C: DEVS: LIBS: etc.)?

- I've currently insalled Workbench by "copy all from df0: to dh0:" etc. Now, is this sufficient? Should I edit the startup-sequence to "assign" the other 2 workbench disks? Unfortunately the only HD install disk I have left over from my A600 days is for Workbench 3.0 (which was given to me with my A600's IDE drive by my uncle who owned an A1200). The only other ones I have are A590 prep disks and the GVP prep disks.

I have original Workbench 2.0.4, 2.0.5 disks (3 per set). Is it worth putting .5 on, presumably it's specific for the A600 and not the A500+?

Thanks for any help, just want to get a "right" set-up with major apps installed so I can (gulp!) remove the drive and add it to my PC's SCSI chain for a nice backup time onto CD under Linux! :eek
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