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Originally Posted by Dary View Post
Shot 1: This is Amiga AGA version, u not use CD Mount, but add hard drives -> AmigaOS3.9?

Install AmigaSYS 3.1 and use this files ->
Yes, it's AGA version, under winUAE, i clicked "include cd/dvd drivers.." and that was the way i accessed os3.9 cd. What wrong with that? It worked just fine with amigasys3. Why and how should i use these additional files?

Mount AmigaOS3.9 CD and wait for start installation.
Originally Posted by Dary View Post
Shot 2:

See/test icontrol prefs, boxes, on or off.
i'm not too familiar with aos, but i don't see such an option here:

it have to be elsewhere?

Hmm, there's not only no boxes around the buttons, but i noticed an issue with refresing also, take a look:
sliders won't move either (but assigned value changes)

BUT, at the same time, some (most?) other windows are displayed properly:

More questions:

I'd like to have in amigasys an old-style, red arrow as my mouse cursor, is it somewhere in filesystem, or i need to draw one?

I'd like to do some changes in bottom menu, like replace "hippoPlayer" with a launcher for any other program, how can i do that?
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