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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
It's got nothing to do with being realistic at all. Just use your imagination, what would you want from a new Amiga today? Come on, have som fun!
Apparently you didn't understand WHY I posted in this very thread. "Someone" claimed, it's "far better to dream about new Amigas than to whine about the fact that Amiga is dead" which is, I'm sorry to say, utter nonsense in my opinion. However, as I don't want you people to get depressed because I dared to post what I think instead of joining your "happy happy joy joy" mentality here I won't post anything here anymore regarding that matter. And just for the record, I probably have more fun with my Amigas than many people "dreaming" here in this thread. So much for being bitter and stuff. But I have to admit, I found the reactions mildly entertaining because they were absolutely not predictable *cough*.
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