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Yes but I dont seem to find the trend of buying whatever shit comes out as a nice one. The guy surely is cool for supporting such a platform, but if he comes up with a poop program, or something I don't need, I don't bother. Some programmers, (I've seen this on the C64 scene) always threaten to not produce anymore software for XXX machine if people don't buy their software... This is extortion IMO...

If the guy really deserves it and you need it or want it, go ahead and buy it. But I wouldn't buy a "Recipe Organization" program just because someone programmed it today for the Oric 1, and he charges 60 dollars for it.

It's not like I don't buy anything... For example I preordered Metal Dust (A SuperCPU-only C64 shmup), and I dont even own the hardware required to play it. And the game's not out yet! But the project seemed nice to me so I thought I needed to support it

But if it was said Recipe Organizator (We could call it the Recipetor64), I wouldn't even touch it That's why I never bought Apano Sin... It turned out to me a mildly average game.

Edit: besides, if you support crap, you are bound to receive more crap later. look at PCs, full of crap
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