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Originally Posted by ami_junkie View Post
I am finally starting to get a bit tired of this bloody indivision, i have been sanding down the plastic day after day trying to make it stay and it is just getting loser and less stable. a bit of a waste of of my 140 quid now

Right now I found out why it was not working when I was sanding it down, I was sanding in the wrong place ... the inside of the socket now one of the pins has broken off after I figured out I needed to sand down the top part. A major bugger up, so now the board is tight but a shite picture lol, hopefully I can figure out how to replace the socket maybe.
Sorry to hear that man, an easy enough mistake to make. Apparently this new batch will fit any Lisa (sanding already done I assume). Send your Indivision back to AmigaKit, they might be able to fix it up for ya.
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