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Originally Posted by Qube View Post
Thanks for the new map writer! I was thinking about using XFDDecrunch myself, you beat me to it I don't know what the score is with the map in the demo memory, very odd, perhaps they did this to stop people snooping, I think it just needs to be read out of memory differently, but we have it now, so the task is completo..

It's weird how the NTSC version had a different first level, plus it had the level code feature. I guess the game was a bit tough?

Well, when headers are RNC it helps

Me neither, I don't understand why demo files (Gods & MP) are so "encrypted" compared to the full games.

NTSC version is published by Konami, for the american market. PAL version is tougher/more technical in 3 aspects:
1) level 1 is way harder. it is less obvious to get the warp to world 2.
2) there are no codes. The only way to play directly to level 4 is to activate the 3 warps from the previous levels...
3) to perform a big jump you had to pull the joy down. In the NTSC version the big jump is automatic, which can be annoying but is easier. Looks that someone took US guys for dummies...

What's funny is that they left the warp from original level 1 (now level 3). It means that you can warp to world 2 either from level 1 or level 3. Unfortunately, original PAL level 3 (still talking about world 1) is not playable (but still on the map. I'm sure that if you hack the NTSC/PC game by setting the kid coords properly you could play it)

Personally I think level codes are cool. But in a score point of view it's less great
Another funny thing with the NTSC/PC version is that even if the version you're playing is not cracked (a password is asked when you complete a level the first time), if you have all level codes, you can still play all the levels
The Chaos Engine system is just perfect, because it retains your score, does not write to disk, and appears only 1 out of 4 levels, which keeps the challenge intact (I heard that they intended to show the code once every 2 levels but backed off for this reason exactly).
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