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Still No Joy ....

grrr...still trouble... I was able to install 3.9 and BB1 and 2 sucessfully, but my 4000T still won't boot up normally. The only way to get it to boot is to disable all hard drives in Early Startup, and boot with the 3.9 emergency disk....

Anyone have ideas? I was thinking the 'Amiga ROM update' might be a problem, although my A1200T worked flawlessly after installing BB1 and 2 and the respective ROM update file, so I don't know what's up.

The only other odd thing I noticed, was that when I got 'you must reboot to continue.....' I clicked Proceed, but my 4000T didn't reboot... Could this be a problem? I seem to remember that SetPatch or something forces a reboot for the ROM updates??

If it helps, Here's the full config. of my 4000T :

AT 4000T, 16MB on board, OS 3.9 w/ BB1 and 2 (Maybe) CyberStorm MK3 '060, 128MB RAM, SYS: and Work: Seagate 1GB or so HDD, 4.5 GB Seagate HDD, Yamaha 4/4/16 CDR, NEC 'unknown' CD drive, (all internal) via cybppc.device , Zip 100, scanner via scsi.device ...
edit: installed cards,etc: Video Toaster + Flyer, DPS PAR (10 GB HDD internally+ TBC4, Octopus cable, 2 Video + 1 Audio drive for Flyer in external enclosures, separate PSU's.
And BTW, Thanks everyone Very much for the help...

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