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CED4.20 on M-Tec 1230?

yow, i bought a A1200 with M-Tec 1230 accelerator few months ago and i'm not able to run it correctly (not using WB3.0 nor with WB3.1). When i had a A500 year back it worked like a charm... and CED 4.20 is from 1999 so it's released years after the card was released and i'm fairly certain it's the problem of the card.

The problem is that the text gets all weird when you edit it a lot. my guess is the text buffer gets overwriten in memory or something...

So... is it CED's fault or is my accelerator card broken or do i need some sort of patch for something?!?!?!

I hope someone can enlighten me on this subject or point me to some other great txted.
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