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Nice find, Bamiga!

I downloaded most of the Amiga content on back in the day. Opinion concerning the persistent copyright status of the Amiga Kickstart ROMs and Workbench files is certainly an interesting subject.

In my case, it was only because the copyright status of these files was not strictly observed by sites such a this that I was able to download them and use emulators such as the DOS and Windows versions of UAE and Fellow to demonstrate to myself just what good machines the Amigas really were. What I am saying here is that it was actually the experience of using these emulators with illegally distributed Amiga copyrighted files that converted me into an Amigan.

I must admit that I still have an affinity for these files, but this has not discouraged me from purchasing original Amiga hardware, operating systems and software. Furthermore, I am a Registered user of all versions of Amiga Forever from 6.0 to the current 2008 Premium Edition, and I am also a Registered owner of Amiga OS 4.0 Classic, even though I don't (yet) own PPC hardware to actually run it.

I recognize that the Amiga community has contributed a great deal to my understanding of computer systems and the pleasure I derive from them, and I am only too pleased to return the favour by supporting projects such as Amiga Forever where I can. And this is why I am also looking forward to supporting the NatAmi project in similar fashion if the opportunity ever arises.

I've wanted to get that off my chest for a while now. Thankyou for presenting me with an opportunity to do so by starting this thread.

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