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Originally posted by jmmijo
So Pyro, have you purchased this title? The price isn't bad when you look at $45 USD, but I guess in some ways, I can see why he doesn't want to port it to other OS's, but, my feeling is that Astronomy apps don't seem to have much of an audience. This one does appear to have a lot more features then say, Distant Suns, but again unless you wanna become the next Carl Sagan or perhaps my brother I can't see much demand unless it does get ported to another platform.

But hey, I understand what the author and you are saying, lets help keep the Amiga alive and kicking for decades to come
Thanks for the kind words, I am thinking about buying it but like you said its a Astronomy app and I have not done that since College. Might not hurt to help the guy out though since he is cool.
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