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I'm sorry, I might be an angry old fart but I don't think (well, actually I'm 99,99% sure) that this will lead to anything useful at all. Face it, how many people use Amigas ONLY these days? People need to realise that Amiga is dead, as simple as that. There won't be any "next generation" Amiga (please spare me any "NatAmi" comments, thanks!), there won't be anything which would be as special as the A1000 was back in its day. So dreaming about "reviving Amiga" (yeah, without any money, great plan!) is as "bad" or "good" as whining about the fact that Amiga is dead.
You are quite bitter it seems that you can't even allow to imagine o dream things. I am not saying this will lead to something big. It is to keep our imaginations and fantasies about our old love going, that's all. And I had some active imagining nowadays so I figured this would be the perfect place to share it because we all are here for love of Amiga...
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