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Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
The configtool and the firmware is done by Oliver.
I am only responsible for HighGFX (and HD720).

For 800x600 use Super72 modes.
(HighGFX and Super72 are very identical in operation)

You can use up to 64 colors for "useable" speed, with more than 6 bitplanes you will stress the chipmem DMA.
btw. all other modes with SuperHires resolution (Super72, dblpal, ...) are slow with 128 or 256 colors.
I'm sure you can make it faster than ECS based Super72 Ratte, you the man

I think the real advantage of adding 800x600 support to HighGFX is that it can be configured independently of PAL using the Indivision Config tool
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