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Unhappy So close to online Miggy, but no cigar

I'm so close I can taste it!

I have been battling to get my 1200 online via my Ma401 wireless card for about a year now.

Got the correct prism drivers installed and correctly configured.
Installed Miami Deluxe and configured.
When online, I can Ping my router, Laptop and any devive connected to my LAN using miamiping.
I can also ping my Amiga from any computer on my network.
I can also ping Amazon, Google, Amibay, my DNS servers and any website you care to mention.
When I launch AWeb and enter the IP address of Google, the Home page appears.

All good so far.

If I type a web address in, I get 'CANNOT RESOLVE HOST NAME.'

I have tried numerous times to manually enter the IP address' of my DNS servers into Miami, under the Databases tab, but they stay resolutlely empty.
Like I said, I'm so close I can taste it, has anyone got any ideas?
I have googled this to death and found nothing that works.
Any help gratefully received.
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