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I'm sorry stingray, but u do sound like an old fart
But the fact of the matter is, that your point is correct and tbh do we really "need" a new amiga these days ? I mean we do have so many systems to choose from, whatever your needs might be.
As I hope I was pointing out in my post above, what i really think might be needed is a way to preserve our old personal fun machine and maybe that is actually realistic. I personally don't want a "new" amiga, if i did I would have gotten an a1 or pegasos a long time ago. What I would want though was maybe some kinda replacement for the now insanely expensive 060 boards for the aga miggy's, coz they won't last forever, so again my point above, about preserving the hardware as is, comes back at me.
The amiga as we knew and still know is not dead imho, but it will mostly stay as is and thats a good thing, coz it's still an incredibly fun machine to use and one of the real magic treats, for me at least, is seeing how it's limits are still being broken and how creative people can be, by showing off that if u just got the imagination, hardware isn't really the limit and for this exact reason, I think the amiga still has an important place among computer hobbyists, even more than the c64 actually , Why ? well mostly because the amiga is actually usable and by using it, for other stuff than games, u actually start to learn about it and get comfortable with it.
So my point of view. New amiga, no thx. Old amiga, forever, I hope
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