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Hello! wonder if someone can help.


I'm new to EAB and just wanted to say hello, and also ask for a bit of help.

I may be new here, but I'm not new to the Miggy. My first Amiga experience was when my Dad bought an A1000 home from work in 1987/8. I was the envy of all at my school at the time, as virtually no one had even heard of the Amiga then, let alone seen one in the flesh My BBC B didn't get much use after that...

Recently one of my A1200s HDDs died, and with it went my registered keyfile for Magic 64, which is annoying as its about the only C64 emulator that runs at anything like useable speed on my setup. As appears long since defunct, can anyone help?

For anyone who's interested, here are the Amigas I currently own:

The aforementioned A1000 (upgraded to a whole 512k). Unfortunately my Cortex 8mb external RAM expansion died many years ago. Location: Mums loft.

An A1200 with Blizzard 1230 mk2, 64mb RAM. Location: - much to the annoyance of my wife - the (ahem) spare room. I've owned it since new in 1993, and wrote a fair few reports for Uni on it, not to mention playing Gloom Delux via serial link with my house mates A1200. I also played way way too much Microprose F1GP. Now it serves as my retro gaming machine - well it did till the HDD blew, Compact Flash + IDE adaptor should arrive soon though

A second A1200 in a Power tower with Blizzard PPC/040, a BVision and a Power flyer (re-badged Elbox fast-ATA I think). Location: as above (see annoyance of wife). I occasionally have a play with this beasty, but don't really get the time to do more than fire up the odd PPC demo.

And finally an A4000 030/25 with an Emplant Mac emulator card. Location: Mums loft. I got this from where I used to work, don't think I've switched it on more than twice since I got it. May have ago upgrading/playing with this at some point...

Thanks in advance for any help:-)
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