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Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
I dont know anything about it.

For me it is more interresting to see a monitorswitch for indivision and graphicards.
Lets dream about an A4k with Mediator4k + Radeon + Indivision & monitorswitch.

Any idea why the config tool reports the vertical refresh rate of HighGFX as 57hz when it's more like 50hz in standard mode?

How high a refresh rate is possible with the Indivision and HighGFX running at 1024x768?

It’s a shame that the ‘clock multiplier’ setting is a global setting, I have to run mine at 1.0 to keep PAL games at 50hz. In fact it would be really helpful if you could set HighGFX to use 'user settings' and PAL to use 'standard settings' but I don't think that is possible yet?
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