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Ok here it goes:

My idea is that it will be perhaps even more compact than actual A1200. Maybe around the size of A600.

It is called A500S ('S' for super perhaps for plus is taken The reason it is A500 because it was my Amiga )

The device will be integrated into a keyboard as classic Amigas but as a cutting edge tech all of the keys (I know this is a way too sci-fi for now) of the keyboard retreat inwards and make the top surface completely plain. Then this surface is now multitouch OLED screen. There is also integrated vibration unit for better response when touchscreen is used.

So, many touch based applications and games can be played. You can also draw and paint (with the stylus/pen provided on the side which you can use to draw) , make and mix music (for the screen can become like a mixer), all of your game HUD and UI could be handled on the bottom screen just as Nintendo DS etc. There is almost unlimited amount of things that you can do with this tech.

The mouse is connected via blutooth. So there are less cables. It also comes with a joystick in the pack for exclusive games like the new Alien Breed or Turrican and Inernational Karate There is also a small Webcam and Mic on the keyboard where the cam is portable/can be repositioned at will.

Also, a newer OS is produced just for this Amiga model. It is more 'internet' integrated and much cleaner OS. More like console interfaces but it is a fully functional OS. Of course crazy amount of multitasking is supported. It takes only 7 secs to boot, 7 secs to reboot and even perhaps shorter to turn of. All with one button.

Hardware wise it has a new exclusive architecture. Intel 8 core CPU with new integrated onboard ram technology. Also, Intel GPU (yet to come out) for cutting edge gfx. It also has 7.1 sound outlet as well as stereo speakers onboard with bass boost. There is also 500gb and up to 1tb SSD (Solid-State Drive) for truly fast storage. Blu-ray burner combo DVD burner. 3.5" Floppy disc reader on the side. Blu-ray drive is a feeder like Nintendo Wii's.

But wait, there is more. If you don't want to buy Amiga as your primary computer (which is sold with or without monitor [22" screen"] as an option or you can connect it to your TV in your lounge room), you can use it as your secondary device with a technology called Symbiosis (not very creative name is it ).

Symbiosis allows you to introduce your Amiga as a keyboard and mouse set to your Windows PC or OSX Mac. You simply install this appliaction to your PC and voila you now are able to use your Amiga on your PC's screen and able to swtich between Windows and Amiga by a touch of a button almost instentenously. So, you can use your Amiga for your day to day businness but then you can switch back to Windows for your gaming and some other more varied and supported applications/utulities.

The reason why not dual boot your Amiga with Windows and connect to PC like this, is that you don't want Windows on your Amiga. It will use up alot of processing power. Also, the architecture is different thus clash may occur. Windows will bring way too many junk onto your system. But with Symbiosis system when you are using your Amiga OS (which I call Eternity OS) you are using only your Amiga's power for those programs without dealing with any junk or viruses etc. When you need to use your Windows you are able to switch without a hassle of booting etc. Your Amiga also acts like a keyboard and mouse so there really isn't much of a hassle for actual unit can connect to PC in multiple ways [via USB, Firewire, Wi-Fi etc].

Amiga, thanks to its touch screen, can also be used seperately from all other monitors, though this limits the applications and the size of the screen ofcourse. Also, by its wireless connectiosn you can connect multiple Amigas togeter and have a party game together. A board game or a card game is made so simple thanks to the touch screen technology. Also, connecting via this technology called Synergy, you instantenously share all the data (allowed data) that is on your friend's Amiga for you get a copy of his/her OS's current state. So, desktop of the computer can be used instant share box almost where everyone throws in whatever they need to share.


Well, there are more ideas here and there. I might have missed some bits. I am writing as I am thinking kind of thing. My fingers are barely catching up So, as a summary it is more like a console/computer. Just as it was in the past. Nowadays we complain or speculate that consoles are becoming more and more computer like. Well, there you go, a great combination imo. With some real good exclusive games and of course backwards compatibility like perhaps even old Sega games on board this system could thrive. What do you think? What can be added or subtracted. Of course one biggest problem is that scale of multitouch hardware is quite expensive. Making this system with that hardware and selling it around $600 AUD is just an unrealistic fantasy.

I can't provide any illustrations rght now. My drawing or modeling is horrid anyhow. If someone knows how to model though then I will share some hand drawings of ideas and maybe the colours etc ...we can also all come tohegether and create the perfect shape and look. Remeber it is the keyboard size..but not a small keyboard. Like my Microsoft Elite keyboard which is quite big but comfy

Thanks for patiently reading my dream

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