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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
This is valid for Amiga 600 and WB 2.05 (with MultiDos), but it could be valid for WB 3.0 and CrossDos also.

I found it when I tried to transfer some files from PC to my A600.
When formatting a DD floppy on a PC, *don't* do it under Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Otherwise it will be formatted in a way that will give errors on Amiga. The Amiga will see the directory, but can't read/write files.

The solution I found is this one: I formatted the floppy under real DOS (rebooting the PC with a booting DOS floppy).
All went well.

I suppose it's related with LFN (Long File Names).
I always format floppy disks, both DD and HD, on a PC using MS-DOS 5.0. I do not trust any later version of MS-DOS nor any 32-bit Windows versions for this task.
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