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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
The NES Super Turrican looks and sounds better as it plays. Horrible unfair/unbalanced version. It also lacks the smooth flow of the C64/Amiga versions. Check Julian Eggebrecht's comment. I agree with him here.
Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. Except I've seen and heard NES games with better sound and graphics as well. Star Tropics, Super Mario Bros3, Castlevania3 and TMNT2 all look and sound better to me, and they were still released several years prior to Super Turrican.

And why are there so few soundtracks in this port?? The NES is capable of more tracks, so why did Manfred limit it so much?

Seen as a single individual's work tho, it's quite something, really shows enthusiasm for the art.

Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Mega Turrican has twice as many colours and better gameplay.

The underwater boss moves different and is harder.

The gliders above the scrapyard don't move in the Amiga version. They do move in Mega Turrican (making this part way more interesting and challenging).

The first boss of the final world (the two guns moving in a circle) is broken on the Amiga: you can stand on the right side of the middle platform without ever being hit by the cannons' shots - on the Mega Drive there is no such safe spot thus making the boss more challenging.

Also the walker boss in the final world is easier in Turrican 3.

Only the music and sound fx are (a lot) better in Turrican 3.

Conclusion: Mega Turrican is the better game.

In comparison Turrican 3 feels like a beta-version.

The perfect version of this game would be Mega Turrican with Turrican 3's sound.
Hmm... I've read trough the replies here, and it's a known fact, with the screen-dumps I've seen, regarding the superiority of the Animations and sprites in the Megadrive version.

Someone mentioned that the controls are better on the Amiga port? How much better would you guys say they are? Is it really noticeable? Lesser buttons doesn't necessarily have to mean a dramatic decrease in the quality of the controls.

For instance, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission for the GBA, features similar play and controls as Super Metroid, but with fewer buttons. The use of the fewer buttons are so clever, that you hardly notice it in the GBA games.

I can recommend both for Turrican-fans btw. Smashin' games.

I think I'm going to go with the Megadrive version... but I need more info on the controls, which seems to be the dealbreaker here, the final pin in the puzzle.
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