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Originally Posted by dima View Post
hi everyone! First. I found your information great about Chaos Engine game. Thank you so much! And I write simple map-viewer for that game, it works fine with all levels except one - "o1chaos.cas" world number in that file is 5 (0x44 position) but why? I use for that file tileset "level4tiles.png" but some tiles are not correct. Do you know about it?
And second. I downloaded PC-version of this game. And I did not find files what you are have in folder "gamedata". My version have some files and I found "chaos.dat" is pseudo archive. I extract files from that archive and look on them, they are different from yours... What do you think about it?
P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
0x44 stores something related to tile selection, but not world number as far as I can see. I don't use it in chaosspy at all. JOTD's archive has a level_4a and 4b tileset also, maybe one of those will work with map O. The files in gamedata were taken (and some decompressed) from the CD32 version of Chaos Engine.
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