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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Mega Turrican has twice as many colours and better gameplay.

Conclusion: Mega Turrican is the better game.
Although being a big Amiga fan I have to admit that despite the lack of a good music chip I prefer the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Turrican 3. The Amiga offers only 32 instead of Mega Drive´s 64 colours. Mega Turrican was the main reason (with Castlevania Bloodlines and Mega Probotector) for me to own a Mega Drive 2 (with RGB-scart cable of course).
Nevertheless the Amiga conversion was a great gift from Factor 5 with a high level of Amiga perfection. With Thalion´s Lionheart Turican 3 was a last highlight for the old Amiga 500. I only regret that there has been no decent remake or conversion for the Amiga 1200/4000 with AGA graphics.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
It is a poo game. The graphics are impressive, but the controls and strange scrolling destroys everything. It's more like a Turrican 1 port on the NES.
The NES port of Turrican (confusingly called Super Turrican) was made by Turrican creator Manfred Trenz in a solo project. Mainly it is a "best of C64 Turrican 1 and 2" with some enhancements but strictly limited to the 8-bit Nintendo abilities. Manfred Trenz had been a big fan of the 8-bit consoles and computers, I guess he loved programming a game all by his own alone. It´s a great version of Turrican with a nice soundtrack, but I deeply miss the power of a 16 bit Amiga. Either way you love the original 8-bit versions (C64 and later NES) with a slightly different level design (the last level in Turrican 1 has an additional boss and in Turrican 2 the last level is a flight level not a jump level) or you stick to the 16bit releases.
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