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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Mega Turrican has twice as many colours and better gameplay.

Conclusion: Mega Turrican is the better game.
Although being a big Amiga fan I have to admit that despite the lack of a good music chip I prefer the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Turrican 3. The Amiga offers only 32 instead of Mega Driveīs 64 colours. Mega Turrican was the main reason (with Castlevania Bloodlines and Mega Probotector) for me to own a Mega Drive 2 (with RGB-scart cable of course).
Nevertheless the Amiga conversion was a great gift from Factor 5 with a high level of Amiga perfection. With Thalionīs Lionheart Turican 3 was a last highlight for the old Amiga 500. I only regret that there has been no decent remake or conversion for the Amiga 1200/4000 with AGA graphics.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
It is a poo game. The graphics are impressive, but the controls and strange scrolling destroys everything. It's more like a Turrican 1 port on the NES.
The NES port of Turrican (confusingly called Super Turrican) was made by Turrican creator Manfred Trenz in a solo project. Mainly it is a "best of C64 Turrican 1 and 2" with some enhancements but strictly limited to the 8-bit Nintendo abilities. Manfred Trenz had been a big fan of the 8-bit consoles and computers, I guess he loved programming a game all by his own alone. Itīs a great version of Turrican with a nice soundtrack, but I deeply miss the power of a 16 bit Amiga. Either way you love the original 8-bit versions (C64 and later NES) with a slightly different level design (the last level in Turrican 1 has an additional boss and in Turrican 2 the last level is a flight level not a jump level) or you stick to the 16bit releases.
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