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That OTLA seems like a useful and a well-thought-out piece of software then. I have little interest in the platforms its listed to be intended for use with, so I didn't look further than the front page.

As for identifying a release by name and language - titles can and have been released more than once and then there is compilations. Twice I tried to repair a persistent read error in some title manually by comparing the data to something that I found, but in both cases it was a different release and thus useless. Even if the end result turns out to be the same as what is already out there, how would you ever know if you didn't look? And if you do read it yourself, you already know.

My objective was to instead of having my collection slowly and uselessly gather dust and bit rot, to be nice to it and make an effort to preserve it past its magnetic decay. Emphasis on it instead of something that kinda looks like it a lot.

The end result may or may not be the same as what is already available, because for the most part I've not compared them. Whatever the case may be I've got something extra: certainty over it being what I really wanted. And the fact that not only are the games for sure the same versions I played back in the day, they actually come straight off the very same tapes I held in my grubby little palms warms my heart some more.

Pointless? Certainly, pretty much everything one does with twenty year old hardware or software is pointless if one decides to view it that way. I'm assuming the original poster is well aware that all the games are available on the net in one form or the other, but that doesn't keep him from wanting to "preserve his collection". Of course I don't know what he ultimately wants but this is what I did and why, when I had that thought.
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