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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
great job!! I'm creating the actual map right away (for my remake & HOL too!)

That confirms that even the unpacked file was not unpacked enough

Hey I'm improving at gfxrip: here's the ripped tiles for Gods demo

Attachment 19568

and the full map:Attachment 19573

Good stuff! It looks like we've pretty much figured out the Gods map data here, would be neat to play the demo level in your remake. I've been looking at the obj/collision/2nd map, all sorts of triggers and stuff in there it seems, but also some things missing (teleport crystals), so it's still kinda puzzling. It's probably possible to write a remake to use the original (unpacked) level map data once the obj stuff is worked out, but since your remake is available there is no real need to delve too deep, other than for 100% accuracy and checking. I'm sure the Chaos Engine maps are even more complex, but everyone likes a challenge right!

Good work all round everybody!

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