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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Id love to have a look at the gods demo but im still playing about trying to read the Chaos Engine map -so ill look later
Is the MAP file on the Gods demo definitely compressed?
and what file holds the main graphic Tiles?
I don't really know the score with the LEV1A.CUT file, seems odd. The tile graphics are perhaps inside BITS11.PC1 in the demo files, following the same naming as the full game, but the PC1 file may be compressed. I remember in the old Atari Degas Elite graphics software days, PI1 was uncompressed low-res, PC1 was compressed, so that may be a hint that it's compressed. I have a vague memory that I once viewed the tiles in the demo data back in 1991 lol, can't remember how..

Would be cool to somehow decode the demo data, perhaps a level viewer could then be cooked up.

Interesting stuff nonetheless..

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