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Hey everyone, thanks for the advice. OK, I have an original OS3.9 disc, (not second edition) It's a SCSI drive. It's just really odd, I can't even get my emergency disk to boot. Or anything to boot, for that matter.

I wasn't even using UnArc for the BoingBag's, using a fairly recent .LHA from my A1200T...

I did actually a couple of extra 'emergency disks' w/ needed LIBS: etc. they don't work either....
Never messed with WinUAE, (never had to with 6 Amiga's in the house .....)

I'll keep trying, and if I have to, I'll just yank the drive, stick in another miggy, re-install 3.1, and try again....

Just my luck, I finally get nice 'little' Toaster/Flyer/PAR/TBC4 - equipped miggy, and It's nothin' but bad news....

Again, thanks everybody ....

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