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Exclamation Jerky mouse movement


Toni, is there a chance to get mouse movement back to 0.8.17 perfection?
I've uploaded a compilation disk with Yolanda (demo) and other games. I've chosen this disk because they're using a custom mouse pointer so you can clearly see that mouse movement has gone really to the dogs with the releases meanwhile.
I've always been thinking it's my mouse itself or an inappropriate mouse pad - but it DEFINITELY IS NOT.
Test it by moving the mouse averagely slowly UP and DOWN. You can only see it if you move it in vertical direction.

I went back to 0.8.17 R2 and my mouse moves very smoothly up and down.
What I also noticed is that there's now a sensitivity decline, which means that the mouse doesn't respond as directly to moves anymore as it did in 0.8.17.
(Gamers could compare it with the sensitivity adjust in Super Hang-On. That kind of "sensitivity" is exactly what I'm referring to.)

I hope anyone else too can perceive an actual difference comparing the 0.8.17 and the recent release.
It's a huge difference.
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