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Yes it seems LEV1A.MAP and LEV1B.MAP seem similar, with only certain bytes or groups of bytes altered.. perhaps one is layered on top of the other, or perhaps one stores data referenced or changed from the other, its a right puzzle.

I was just trying to find the hex series for the demo LEV1A.CUT file in a UAE mem dump of actually running the demo, and I can't find a match, so I'm gonna guess here that the CUT file is actually compressed or scrambled in some way. I've yet to find the location of the map data within the demo mem dump, it's there somewhere, just hiding..

They may have changed the format of the map data from the demo to the full game, or changed the values etc, very possible.. I don't seem to be able to find any long 0x0D sky byte series in the demo mem dump, weird and confusing..

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