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Been a fan of Nintendo's magic for some time and wouldn't be without a wii but i certainly have been disapointed with how easy their games have become

Mario Galaxy is a little too easy to the point of being insulting and has little of the playground fooling around you could mess with from SM64.The sheer interaction that could be had with Mario's acrobatics and just general athletic ability off of walls for example was something i never though Nintendo would take out - maybe Shigs thought the casuals couldn't handle the deep array of moves?

Zelda Twilight is not challenging in any real sense when it comes to the brilliant combat and unlike previous Zelda's, it leads you by the hand way too much.The last dungeons you basically go from one dungeon to the next without any scratching of head and it's positively puzzling why the already working template was messed with like this.Part of the thrill in a Zelda game is the continual getting stuck and forever fishing for clues i thought but Twilight basically tells you where to go every time.Beautiful game though(and to think this is a GC game) is TW and i did still very much enjoy it.Midna is adorable

Pikmin is a wonderful game with the sequel being very special indeed.Can;t wait for the 3rd one

The game i play mostly on Wii however would be Excitetruck.Astonishing game that to me is the modern equivalent of Stunt car racer.Once you master this seemingly only reasonable racer, it's a game you can't put down.Genius frankly

Not so sure about Mario Kart wii though

Metroid 3 has lost a lot of the original's sensational atmosphere and lonely feel but it plays nicely enough and is worth getting

Nintendo this gen is doing very well and that makes me happy but in appealing more to the new found casual audience, their aproach to game design seems has to have altered to the point that their games are no longer adult anymore.Fans would always viciously defend their beloved Nintendo for making brilliant and adult games(even though on the outside they did look like they had been made for kids) but now i'm not sure i can argue this

I don't like really hard games these days to be honest but iv'e not enjoyed some of Nintendo's overly baby like games of late and can only hope they find ways to appeal to both audiences for future iterations - i'd be happy with ranking, anything though so you get more from the games

Galaxy does have flashes of genius though and it's about as gorgeous as it gets for wii

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