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Good find Jotd,

Having briefly compared the unpacked PC's LEV1A.MAP file to the contents of an uncompressed Ami/UAE memory dump (save state) file in a hex editor, side by side, it seems the tilemap is contained at the start of the PC's LEV1A.MAP file, offset 0-16FF. That section is identical between the PC's LEV1A.MAP file and the Ami/UAE memory dump (you can find the same hex series etc) (I also did a CRC32 on the two rips to check, checked out OK).

The rest of the data within the PC's LEV1A.MAP file seems to be other stuff, different to the Ami/UAE memory dump, or the Ami/UAE memory dump has the data at other locations. So I think we can assume the tilemaps to be identical between both versions, therefore the PC's map files are probably good to use for further work without worrying too much about having to extract the Amiga tilemaps.

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