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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
you're right. But do you have some info about this packer? any source? even 68k or intel?
Some guy round 2001-2002 could decrunch the data and wanted to do a remake. I guess it needed more than decrunching (even if it is necessary since gfxrip does not work very well on this game)
Howdy, I don't have any more info on the Cadaver packer really. I found it listed on some amiga packer ID site as being PKWare DCL.. do a search for "mjm1"..

So I'm assuming they just used PKWare to crunch it and maybe created a custom header or something, it's a complete unknown. I guess somebody could try debugging the game as it runs in DosBox to see how it unpacks etc, complex task.

The Ami Cadaver demo games seem to be single file jobs which decrunch in mem etc. So a UAE mem rip is probably your best bet to get the original map files etc for that, if you can find them, since the game is iso-3D, the tilemaps will not be so obvious when viewing the mem, could be tough. Or unpack the demo single files and get to what's inside..?

As for the Gods tilemap data etc, well I don't know much more about that, I guess somebody could try finding the tilemaps in mem using UAE dumps to get the uncrunched data, or somehow debug Gods to find the decrunch routine and unpack the files from the disk, all very complex stuff. Bizarrely the PC Gods files include UNPACK.EXE which may be something, there seems to be no way to use this directly, so perhaps it is called to decrunch the data on the fly somehow.. The map files appear to be on Amiga disk 2 in the WHD set, some NDOS affair, but hex editing shows their names, so perhaps they are extractable somehow into files (you may have already done this).. As for their structure/format, it's a mystery, would need close inspection and guesswork.. oh joy,..

Reverse-Engineering eh, no greater challenge

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