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Trying to install OS3.9 BB 1 + 2 .... Nightmare!!!

Aaaack! I asked about this on, got some advice, it's just a shame my 4000T won't boot up any more to try it out...

OK, to begin, my 4000T has a 4.5 GB drive, (OS3.1) so whenever data got written past 4GB or so, the HD went screwy. I installed OS 3.9, it went OK, then tried to install BB1, . I got 'unspecified function in Line 5' error. I was told that I had overwritten the correct 'Installer'. Fine, I try to re-install 3.9, I now get nothing... I tried to boot from my 3.9 Emergency disk, and 2 other boot disks I had done for my 4000T, they should work.
OK, I can get to the Early Startup menu, nothing I do there changes anything. Here's what happens when I have the 3.9 Emergency floppy, and the 3.9 CD in the respective drives: After about 15 seconds, the floppy starts accessing, I hear one CD drive spin up, then nothing, just a black screen.

So, what could keep me from accesing ANYthing.....??? Surely, the AmigaOS Update is not so hideously evil, that it lives on and on,..... is there some way to get past this demon????

All I want is OS3.9 w/BB 1+2 installed and working on this system.... Somehow I did this on my 1200T, I even have a CD backup, yet I can't copy my 1200T's working 3.9 backup to my 4000T ?? There's more to it than just the weird workbench.library on the 4000T....

Worse case scenario, could I yank the drive from my 4000T, and use another Amiga to format the disk, and Then copy my OS3.9 backup onto it???

Sorry for the epistle...
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