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Hi Guys,

I'm really delighted to see that some ppl try to solve the puzzles of the new levels / discuss them in the forums. That's exactly why I started to remake this game 2 years ago.

For the 2nd secret, I have lowered the difficulty recently since I could not reach it myself . First you had to solve the first & second puzzles in world 1, and reach the area in 140 seconds. Now you have to reach the area in 120 seconds but no need to solve the first puzzle (reward for the pain). There's a hidden chest to find. Find it, reach the end of the level quickly and the secret is yours

If you use the shortcut, then it does not work (like in the original Gods l1w1). The layout of this one is very similar.

That's true that my new levels are very difficult, but 1) I have made them easier in the new version and 2) people who played Gods during 15 years know it by heart so their opinion is biased 3) only Gods veterans are interested by new levels so I guess this is OK

Now I can beat level 1 with 6-7 lives in the end. My levels are generally bigger and hold more secrets than the original game. The drawback is if you miss a lot of secrets the game will be supertough as you won't have enough money/lives/firepower to complete it.

I'll create a complete walkthrough with all secrets, but I'm giving this time, you'll enjoy it better if you play more You can also check the Java code & level editor (that technically would be cheating but someone already did it because he could not figure out how to open the prison cell in level 3. Apparently not a Cadaver-puzzle fan )

BTW I recently played Chaos Engine to check some stuff and I got killed before w3 of level 1!!!! (I was not very careful but still!!)

Edit 1: I have checked Gods files (PC & Amiga) they look similar. Demo LEVEL1A.MAP does not seem packed and look similar to the LEVEL1A.CUT file once unpacked (went through whdload slave to check that). Still no clue about the internal structure. I'm sure it's a custom packer or a RNC-like packer without the header. Cadaver PC version uses another packer (MJM).

Edit 2: we should rename this thread to "random babble about Bitmap Bros stuff"

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