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I go to bed and wake up to all of these posts!
O.K. here goes.....

To S2325.....
Thanks for the mod but it only has a few pateerns andthey are a little repetitive dont you think?

To Rkauer......
Yes, I have seen those ports only recently. Although very good, I think I can improve on them a little. I think they were developed in 'backbone' which I think is an AMOS engine.

To Ami Junkie......
WOW! Them modules are very good IMO. If you are really interested in doing some modules for me then look at the games, 'Top Secret' 'Soccer Kid' and listen to their title music. This is the sort of thing that I am looking for. The title music can use all 4 voices but the ingame only uses 3. I have a suggestion if I may.... Wait for it.... Girls Aloud! Yes, I would like to do every one of them as well but listen to their music. Their melodies are the sort that make great game music. Simple, jolly, catchy tunes. I think they would sound great in a game. Anyway, I will leave that up to you because I havn't got a clue about music sequencers.

To mrodfr......
I got a Sonic sprite sheet of the net that someone had ripped from the gensis rom. I Had to reduce the colour palette for the Amiga's dual playfied of 2 x 3 bitplanes. It was a headache! But I eventually got a palette which looks very similar to the original game.

To bippym.....
Getting this to run at full speed at 50fps with everything included is IMO near impossible.
Now that sounds like a challenge if ever I saw one!

Actually, there will only ever be two sprites on the screen at the same time (2 x 15 col hardware sprites) and there is one on there already so it shouldn't be a problem. All the other gfx that are animated are done in the front playfield in the map itself. I am going to try and get animated icons for rings etc by using the blitter in replace mode. That should be fast as there wont be any masks to worry about and I wont have to replace the background regions underneath. Thats the beauty of dual playfield mode, I have a whole bitplane that is transparent.

Anyway, thanks for your comments people. They are very much appreciated. I have an exam on Wednesday so it is revision until then I am afraid. But after that, I will be working on a map editor so that I can get a proper map going in all directions hopefully.

Hopefully, I can keep the frame rate at 50fps. fingers crossed!

Regards, KevG.
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