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Originally Posted by stainy View Post
It works on 3.4 now.. there`s a beta2 version of the hack .. works a treat !
guys you really do baffle me you are truly rocket scientists. i got the wii mainly for my girlfriend and her friends to use as they used to moan like hell about me playing shooters on xboxlive, mame, or world of warcraft when we got in from the pub. I would really love to set up the home brew channel and get speccy, miggy emu and c64 emu running on there. so if anybody can confirm the above still works and spelll it out in six year old terms - i will fish the net too - i would be grateful. I have owned all the nintendo consoles over the last couple of decades but they were always played more by other members of the family. there have been fewer titles that have really grabbed me on the nintendo that other platforms - i still play GOLDEN EYE with my nextdoor nieghbour when our other halves go out with the girls, and it still ends with his total and utter destruction at the hands of Oddbod. He plays jaws so i always just run around on my knees so he cant get a head shot. we even have a cardboard partition on the TV so he cant cheat - the git
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