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Just to say excellent work on the viewer Exl and Jotd, a CE remake would be rather cool, would be even cooler if an ex-bitmap would see these posts and comment/hint..

As for the Gods data, from poking about in the old days they did provide early/unpacked? files for the ST-Format demo of the game (disk 21), those were even viewable in old raw gfx rippers and stuff, the files were renamed for the demo I guess to have a .CUT extention, denoting an edit from the original full versions of the data perhaps.

But as for the full Gods game, the level files I think were the again split up into a MAP, DAT and PI1 file, the PI1 file contains the block gfx I think, perhaps a Degas Elite file? The MAP file I assume to be the tilemap, DAT for some datas. As for the format/packing, unknown, you can see the files listed inside the WHD disk.2, plus these files also exist in the PC version, but have a "P" at the front (e.g. PLEV1A.MAP), on inspection in a hex editor of the PC files, there is no RNC label, but all three files start with 0x00 0x06 in hex, so may be packed/other/custom.

I have the ST demo files zipped if you want them, they may be more confusing than use though. Perhaps somebody with know-how of the WHD slave images could rip out the files, or perhaps they are rippable from memory in UAE anyways, if it's something people wanna look into, but with the excellent Gods remake out there's probably little need now really.. other than curiosity I guess :-)

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