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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
hi guys,

i have the standard wii that is on-line and I use virual console etc. what do you mean by home-brew channel? I use it most for retro gaming on Virtual console and the internet channel, and playing my Gamecube games. Therefore i have a gamecube memory card is that usable? will the Wii take SD cards? to be honest the wii is the most least used console/computer in the home. I use my gp2x far far more and have yet to find a wii game other than Res Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicals that i want to play - its a an underpowered gimick (IMO) that i would like to put to some propper use playing miggy games. can somebody tell what i need to do? do i need it modded?
thanks for your time
Check out the link alex posted. The Homebrew channel is installed via the twilight princess game. You load a modified save game and simply walk backwards this crashes the game and loads the custom code to install the Homebrew channel.

If you have Firmware 3.4, you may have problems installing it as nintendo stopped the installing of it on 3.4, if I recall correctly. If you had it already installed, you didnt have a problem.
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