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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
And if you dont like Nintendo-esque titles (which I have to ask why?) then surely getting any Nintendo console is madness??
I take an interest in the homebrew scene and most outside-party development, I enjoy collecting machines, and I had the oportunity to pick one up very very cheap. ZXDS for me has been the best thing about the DS... a touch-screen speccy keyboard is very handy if i fancy a game of "The Hobbit"!

I'm sure Nintendo would be the first to admit their titles are primarily driven towards the younger gamer that their rivals, with more recent (obvious) attempts to make the Wii popular with female gamers. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, and there's a few titles i've enjoyed the odd game of, but maybe i'm too much of a "stereotypical male" when it comes to new consoles. I prefer a fun (but not childish) racer, or games like GTA and non-Lego Star Wars games... let's be honest, the xbox or Playstation machines offer more of these, and thus I picked the PS-series, as they've always held me well.

I'm only offering a possible reason why pubzombie said:

Originally Posted by pubzombie
I have yet to find a wii game other than Res Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicals that i want to play
as i dont find it to be that surprising a comment!
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