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Sorry! hello to everyone! Yes, I am a new member around here and thank you for the warm welcome

I have only just recently got back into the Amiga and decided to do a bit of programming to see how much I forgot

Anyway, I went away and did a few time tests on some of the standard AMOS commands and functions before I started a new project. Unfortunately, AMOS in itself was just not up to it speed-wise. Then I got into the AMOS assember a little and figured out how much time I could save by just including a few machine code instructions to move the display and the graphics around. Well, the results speak for themselves. I have managed to get all the graphics rendered in less than 1 VBL! on a bog standard A500 (50fps PAL)

O.K. things will start to slow down a little once I have got everything else in there including a proper map. It currently just wraps around.

Anyway, thanks for your comments people and dont forget I need some 'jolly tunes' for the music.

Toodle pip!

Regards, KevG.

p.s. Its amazing what you can do with just 14 colors when you put your mind to it.

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