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Zak and Wiki is anything but a standard Nintendo title, it's the closest thing you can come to Monkey Island there is (Except SCUMMVM) and the Wiimote makes it great.

Metroid Prime 3 is as good as any other adventure sci-fi FPS there is on any platform. The puzzles and interesting story mean you hardly notice the gfx are almost a generation behind the 360 & PS3

MOH.H2 has the best control system of any FPS on any system. With or without a Zapper it combines FPS with House of the Dead / Time Crisis type gameplay.

Mario charged soccer is great fun and reminds me loads of Speedball 2 on the miggy.

DeBlob is very cool, unusual.

World of Goo (WiiWare) is an amazing title, again totally different to Nintendo core games, created by a small independent games company I recommend all Wii users to buy this title!

Not a criticism but if you dont like Nintendo-esque titles (which I have to ask why?) then surely getting any Nintendo console is madness?? Nintendo's in-house titles are always much stronger than any 3rd party and all their consoles have a similar feel game style wise. IMHO their main franchises are strong titles with loads of gameplay.

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