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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
That is impressive EXL -You and jotd should work together on a remake

Just out of curiosity I had a look at A1CHAOS.CAS with a hex editor and was able to move a few tiles do the graphic tiles also contain collision data?


Do you have any tools to extract files from gods?
I think a joint work on a CE remake is nicely coming up

The first block is the tiles + height / transitions (stairs) data. So the game forbids that you change heights without a transition. So the answer is yes.

I don't have any tool to extract files from Gods. I think they have used a packer but it's not RNC. I'll check the whdload slave.

The levels were already ripped (with errors) on HOL.

That's too bad because that would have saved me a lot of hassle entering all the bonus/item data by hand. Also I may have missed some stuff (but I doubt so).
For the map data, I had used HOL png maps and I rebuilt the logic map data using image matching on each tile. For collisions, I just affected each tile a property (foreground/background/ladder) and could define local overrides for exceptions. I'm sure the original game did not do that, but that's a very efficient way of quick designing level (could apply to CE to some extent) because the image also defines the player environment.
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