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You're boosting my hopes, Pyro

I too have been following the progress of CommodoreOne - largely through comp.sys.cbm - and there's plenty of speculation and dreaming about what might be, were the Amiga to recieve the same attention and development.

Despite now using Windows in my main system, having 'graduated' through all Commodore generations (including the odd calculator!), I still can't leave my 'old friend' alone... even if it is often through emulation, I still feel as if I am using an Amiga (and use it with the same spirit that I had several years ago).

As ever, I love your spin on things: that we as users, along with all the ways of accessing the Amiga OS, should (and do) keep Amiga alive - perhaps picking up a few new fans/converts, in the process. And the Amiga has so many ways of doing that, doesn't it?

Your last sentence is probably one of the best things that I have read for a while. Even if it's not directly relevant to me, it's always good to hear that development continues (and that someone still wants to).
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