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Not intended as critical, Pyro...

Do you *really* believe that this *will* happen?

Amigas *are* special; but so much has moved on. Well, sort of (in the case of Wintel boxes)! lol

Is there really a sizeable market to support such things? I'm genuinely asking for your opinion, as it's hard to gauge things just from a few newsgroups and forums. There may be a lot of die-hards out there; but is it enough?

Whatever happens, you've got to love the idea of the Amiga fighting back (or even 'treading water'), haven't you? We can but hope... and we Brits like an 'underdog'!

P.S. I should perhaps add that I'm not anti-x86 systems (my main system is a P2-350). I like all hardware/games consoles/whatever. It's what's on them that counts. The Amiga will always have that 'special something' though...
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