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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
i can't think of many other cool zombie games...
To be honest I can't think of ANY zombie game that's as cool as Stubb's The Zombie.
You know what's AWESOME in it? That YOU are z Zombie!!!
And you can turn most of the population of the level into your army!!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
If only the Halo (1?) engine used in the game wasn't so lousy or the author had the guts to give you a few (hundreds ) of humans to turn into Zombies... mmmmm I can already imagine, the march of the living dead... thousands of them!!!! mmmmmmmm.... I'd kill for that game, lol...

L4D has a singleplayer mode but don't bother marco, it's boring after a few first levels, not to mention the zombies are too fucking fast, dammnit!

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